"We seek new ideas and opinions of visitors and new members
to our community, remembering that in welcoming the stranger,
we are welcoming Christ."

This Month at St. John's


WOW: Women on Women
Saturday April 21, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Our speaker will be Diana Szczepanowski Anateur, Mother of Nine.

As part of our new Learning Center Curriculum, we offer a unique series of lectures from women of the 21st century. Our WOW series (described below) offers a variety of perspectives from women who have made choices in how they used their strengths and gifts in today's world. This invitation comes from my own disappointment after watching several of the new streaming programs promoting "strong female roles" in media today. Rape, torture and murder of women are not entertainment. We can do better. Much, much better.

A lecture and discussion series hosted by The Rev. Shelley D. McDade offering an inspiring and diverse look at how women lead their lives and participate in today's world. Stepping away from the prescribed power struggle suggested by society, this series looks at the way women have created meaningful lives for themselves through, and sometimes in spite of, the challenges and opportunities they have encountered.

Tickets $20 at the door. Free for Youth.


Guided Prayer and Meditation
Saturday, April 21st
1:00 am to 3:00 pm 

There will be a Guided Prayer and Meditation held in the Sanctuary. This is part of our Covenant of Prayer with Bishop Provenzano. 
Each month we are offering a time for reflection, discussion, and silence. 

All are welcome.

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