Stewardship 2019


Dear Friends,

Our communal spiritual lives are the greatest blessing at St. John's Church. Together we grow, challenge and hold up one another as we seek a deeper understanding of God's faith in us. 

Fr. Matthew and I share regularly how comforted and grateful we are to be a part of such a blessed parish.

As we plan our 2019 ministries we are encouraged by the growth we have experienced this year. We know it will be a challenge to maintain our fiscal responsibilities once the rectory reconstruction begins. We also know God is with us and all things are possible with God. 

We invite you to become a formal member of St. John's Church and participate in our 2019 financial planning process. Your pledge to St. John's will allow us to continue our ministries and support our clergy and staff leadership. Review our membership materials. Ask questions. Join us in worship. Fill out a pledge card and join our family of faith. We look forward to our shared spiritual journey together.


Yours in Faith,
Mother Shelley +
Rector, St. John's Church 

With each pledge of $4,000 enjoy a four hour event in our parish garden or Learning Center. Great for birthday parties and anniversaries. ($200 deposit needed for cleaning and security.)

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Thank you for your prayerful support of
St. John’s Church.