Stewardship 2018


Dear Friends,

Last year, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Brooklyn inaugurated a new Stewardship Campaign that invited all parishioners to “think big” by extending our vision beyond the next year. The campaign, “10 to 200,” celebrates the march toward our 200th anniversary in 2026, by preparing a sound financial ground to sustain and grow the ministries that express our faith.

The goal for each of the five years from 2017 to 2021 is to bring in 10 new members and increase our average annual contribution by 10%. Our campaign for 2017 was a rousing success. We increased membership from 75 to 84, while our annual pledge total increased by 28%! Although, we came just short of our membership goal, we exceeded the pledge goal. This is wonderful news, and it will hopefully inspire us all to continue the commitment we have envisioned across these five years. 

Click the chart to see what the 10% increase means in terms of our weekly donations. If you gave $20 weekly in 2016, the 10% increase in 2017 was to $22, and for 2018 it would move to $24. Last year was wonderful as a first burst of enthusiasm. If we maintain the 10% and 10 members plan, we will balance our budget with a small surplus in 2019—the third year of the campaign, and we will be on our way to the 200th anniversary of our church with great pride and abundant joy.

We invite all friends of St. John’s to join us in building the future today. In faith and love, St. John’s Stewardship Committee


The Saint John’s Stewardship Committee, 2017

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