Worship Dance Workshops

All children and youth ages 7-15 are invited to participate in a new worship experience at St. John's Church.  Sometimes called Processional or Liturgical Dance, Worship Dance is an offering of our bodies and souls through music and movement. Congregations watching the art of Worship Dance  have the opportunity to experience God in a new way as well.  Students will learn the various worship tools used to represent the many sides of God and the pageantry involved in experiencing the glory of God. Our hope is to invite the students to perform in the near future services at St. John's Church.


We will begin offering monthly workshops with a private Worship Dance teacher on the first Saturday of every month.


Our first session will be March 5 at 11am. Each workshop will be three hours with following up videos to support the dance groups practice between classes.

Cost per workshop is $12 per child

Please contact Mother Shelley if you have a child interested in participating in this special ministry of dance. The parish will support any child interested in participating in the dance ministry whether or not they are able to pay.


* A parish leader is needed to help coordinate the Dance Ministry.
Please see Mother Shelley if you are interested.